The honest look of the film is one of them. Shot on location in Texas, the surroundings look like places real people worked and lived long ago. The actors look authentic, too; even their clothes look lived in. Farley says she sketches her own visions, and collaborates with a seamstress and several designers and manufacturers. And she genuinely wants to be original. “I don’t want to sell to the masses.

A small bookshelf will be perfect for keeping those favorite books close at hand. If space allows, provide easy access to favorite toys using an additional bookshelf or brightly colored storage bins. 4. The clothes went on display in the theater’s basement museum eventually behind special light filtering security glass where they remained except for periodic cleaning and appraisals, officials said. Park Service but declined to go into detail. She expressed concern about plans for 24 hour a day display.

Beijing has denied accusations the yuan is unfairly undervalued. Trade Representative Ron Kirk, who also testified at Wednesday’s hearing, said China has made progress in opening its markets since joining the World Trade Organization in 2001. Software, computer and clean energy companies.

Malala Yousafzai puts a human face on the grim education statistics in developing countries. (The expected length of schooling for girls in Pakistan is six years. In Niger it is five, and in Somalia it is two.) Her bravery and struggle alone should compel us to work for greater inclusion of women and girls in education..

4.10 Existing low carbon technologies can reduce dependence on imported fuels and reduce the ongoing costs of meeting heating needs. Examples include:4.11 As set out in Table 1,hogan rebel donna, emissions from housing and non domestic buildings have to be reduced in 2020 by 3.9 MtCO 2e (34% Scottish target) or 4.3 MtCO 2e (42% Scottish target) from 2006 levels. Around three quarters of savings for the 34% Scottish target could be delivered from housing..

So Kessel’s disappearing act on Monday was not really an act. It was another example of a player who has always preferred to let his play do the talking. Normally, that is not a problem. Tunick has created installations of nudes in cities across the world, from Montreal to Melbourne and Barcelona to Buenos Aires. His largest project took place in Mexico City in 2007, where he photographed a group of 18,000 naked people. Thomson Reuters journalists are subject to an Editorial Handbook which requires fair presentation and disclosure of relevant interests..

“My brothers had suits and hats, and I had organza dresses. My mother and I always matched for the Easter Parade. And I matched my dolls,” Reid said recently. There is a second series in the making but Davenport is wary of sounding too confident. “Television is pretty Darwinian: nothing is ever a slam dunk.” Still, he is not surprised by the all singing all dancing show’s success so far. “Everyone on a visceral level is a sucker for watching beautiful young people do something incredibly difficult very well.”.

Pranab J, who works in a private company, said, khadi helps to keep the body cool and relaxed as it won’t stick to the body in summer season. “Khadi provides flexibility which we don’t have in t shirts. Even if I sweat it won’t cause skin problems. The thing on saturdays is a good idea, ironically i have plans with my girlfriends this wknd as i havent seen them in weeks but i think from next week things have to change. We used to spend nights in with a dvd n a takeaway now he just come home lashed everynight n passes out n we get no ‘quality’ time together so to speak! I think next week he has wednesday night off so i am goin to book a table at a restaurant and on saturday i will make plans with him for us to go somewher else. Its harder to stay in cause all his mates call him up on a saturday night if he’s not there n then he just looks at me as if to say ‘pleeeese can i go’ what can i say?? Its his choice not mine cos he’s not under the thum or anythin..

Gravity boots have become increasingly popular due to exposure in the popular media. The U. S. Arnstein says he would have few qualms about operating onhis own 17 year old daughter, if she so desired, or indeed onsomeone even younger. ‘Why should someone have to waituntil they’re in their twenties to have something done, whenthey already feel deformed?’ he asks. ‘I would consider everycase on its merits.’People have always wanted to look better,hogan donna scarpe, and althoughsurgery is more invasive than traditional ways of looking good,it isn’t that much of a change.

“This building and other projects are about about building people more than they about building a building,” Embercombe managing director Phill Ireland told BBC News.The charity said it hoped to complete the two storey Linhay centre by October,hogan online store, so it would welcome volunteers with or without and building experience,sito hogan outlet, adding that families with children over the age of seven would also be welcome.The Embercombe site also has a wildlife lake,scarpe hogan bambino, woodland, apple orchard and two yurt villages which can accommodate up to 49 people, a catering kitchen and conference hall.BBC links Mobile siteTerms of UseAbout the BBC Advertise With UsPrivacyAccessibility Help Ad ChoicesCookiesContact the BBC Parental GuidanceBBC 2014 The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites. Read more.This page is best viewed in an up to date web browser with style sheets (CSS) enabled. While you will be able to view the content of this page in your current browser, you will not be able to get the full visual experience.

Fight to Impeach Brazil’s Leader Tears at Fabric of Daily Life

BRASÍLIA — The wall, nearly a mile of corrugated metal, plunges down the center of the majestic lawn that faces Brazil’s National Congress, the modernist icon designed by Oscar Niemeyer.

It was hastily erected in recent days, and is meant to separate the hundreds of thousands of protesters expected to descend on Brasília, the Brazilian capital, this weekend as members of Congress vote on whether to begin impeachment proceedings against President Dilma Rousseff.

The left side of the wall, facing Congress, is reserved for supporters of the left-leaning Ms. Rousseff, the right for people demanding her ouster.

“It’s not pretty, but the wall is necessary to keep the two sides from tearing each other apart,” a 21-year-old police officer in head-to-toe riot gear said as she stood in the searing sun on Friday afternoon. “When these protesters come together, they behave like soccer hooligans.”

Brazilian politics is a blood sport in the best of times, but the battle over Ms. Rousseff’s impeachment is inflaming passions as never before, cleaving families, turning friends into enemies and transforming children into unwitting surrogates for the warring sides. Social media has been flooded with venom, and those who claim to be neutral often find themselves accused of treachery.

On the streets of Brazilian cities, political rallies organized by one side or the other have been devolving into shouting matches or worse, including a brawl last month in São Paulo that left a former city councilor with a bloody lip.

“I don’t think this will turn into a civil war because you’d have to be stupid to fight for these politicians, but people are very stressed right now,” said Rafael Alcadipani da Silveira, 39, a professor of organizational studies at Fundação Getúlio Vargas, one of the country’s top universities. “I’ve never seen things this bad.”

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Political passions have turned ordinary sartorial decisions into perceived acts of provocation. Lauana de Lima Oliveira, 22, a saleswoman from São Paulo, recalled a recent day when she decided to go to work in a red tank top. Red is the color associated with Ms. Rousseff’s Workers’ Party.

As she rode in a crowded subway car, several passengers began to elbow her while hissing “petralha,” a pejorative for party stalwarts. Ms. de Lima Oliveira, who said she was agnostic on the impeachment drive, was stunned.

“People have become like horses that wear blinders so they can’t see anything on either side of them,” she said. “Red happens to be my favorite color, and I’m not going to stop wearing it.”

In the southern city of Porto Alegre, Ariane Leitão, a surrogate councilwoman with the Workers’ Party, filed a formal complaint against her longtime pediatrician who, citing Ms. Leitão’s party affiliation, abruptly cut off ties. “Given all that has happened,” the doctor wrote to her, according to the newspaper Folho de S. Paulo. “I am not in the position to treat your son.”

Most alarming, experts say, is the extent to which the political maelstrom has affected those too young to vote. Last month, students at a private school in São Paulo reportedly terrorized a 9-year-old boy after he showed up to class wearing a red shirt emblazoned with the Swiss flag — a gesture of neutrality, according to his father, who discussed the episode on Facebook in a posting shared more than 4,500 times.

School officials say many children have been parroting the caustic expressions they hear at home, and teachers at one school in São Paulo were alarmed when a child drew a picture of Ms. Rousseff hanging by a noose.

Mountain lion captured in Granada Hills

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Mountain lion captured in Granada Hills, returned to wild

He was first seen prowling in the early morning hours at a San Fernando Valley high school, where the campus mascot is a cougar.

He was later captured in the front yard of a nearby home where stone lion statues adorn the entrance.

Wildlife experts were unsure Friday what lured a large puma to John F. Kennedy High School in Granada Hills early Friday, then later into surrounding neighborhoods. But authorities said they were grateful that the big cat, estimated to be about 3 years old, was safely tranquilized, captured and returned to the wild later Friday.

“Everything worked out perfectly,” said Lt. J.C. Healy with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. “It couldn’t have happened any better.”

The drama unfolded Friday morning on live video from ABC Channel 7’s helicopter.

Fish and Wildlife officials arrived before 11 a.m. at the high school, where the 110-pound cat had been seen earlier by cafeteria workers. They called school police, which launched a response by Los Angeles Police Department, animal control, and state Fish and Wildlife officials. The mountain lion was cornered for a time before fleeing into the residential neighborhood just southwest of the Los Angeles Unified campus, which had been locked down. The big cat later was found in Armando and Dora Villanueva’s fenced frontyard in the 16400 block of Donmetz Street, not far from San Fernando Mission Road. Their home features stone statues of lions near the entrance, but the couple did not find the irony amusing. Both said they believed their lives were in danger.

“My husband had just closed the door because of the wind, and then we saw it,” Dora Villanueva said. “It looked at me through the window. I thought it was going to break the window and come in. I was so scared.”

Healy said he was able to shoot a tranquilizer dart into the lion’s backside, but the puma resisted the effects of the drug for several minutes.

“He was a tough cat,” Healy said of the way the animal continued to move. When it was safe, experts had to administer more tranquilizers to make sure he had passed out. All the while, animal control and LAPD kept their automatic weapons on the lion. He was then placed in the bed of a pickup and later released into the wild. Meanwhile, police closed neighboring streets and parents circled the area looking for their children. Some students who left early said they knew the cat was lingering on campus but never saw it.

Unlike many pumas in the area, the mountain lion was not tagged or known to officials, Healy said. The big cat appeared to be about 90 pounds, but it was thin for his size and age and may have come down in search of food, Healy noted.

Andrew Hughan, spokesman for state Fish and Wildlife, said that while Valley residents might be surprised by the cat’s sojourn, it’s not all that unusual.

“In the state, it happens every day. But it’s pretty unusual for it to be right in the middle of day in Los Angeles near a school,” Hughan said of the giant cats roaming into urban areas.


Most mountain lions stay in natural habitats, wildlife experts have said, though males tend to wander farther to establish their own range and find females. With more freeways and development coming up against wildlife corridors, some mountain lions do roam into urban areas. In 2012, a young mountain lion was shot and killed near the Santa Monica Promenade after experts tried to tranquilize it, but it became agitated and police believed it posed a danger to pedestrians. Last year, a mountain lion known as P-32, was killed by a vehicle on Interstate 5 near Castaic.

In March, a popular local puma known as P-22 apparently mauled a koala bear to death at the Los Angeles Zoo.

•RELATED STORY: Mountain Lion P-22 not likely to be put down for koala killing

Prime mountain lion habitat is close to Granada Hills because the community is adjacent to the Santa Susana Mountains. Friday’s Granada Hills visit by the mountain lion may have occurred for many reasons, Hughan added.

“It could have been chasing prey in the middle of the night and woke up in the morning and said, ‘Hey, what am I doing here,’ ” Hughan said.

Criticizing Israel

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Criticizing Israel, Bernie Sanders Highlights Split Among Jewish Democrats

It was the sort of question — Does Israel have a right to defend itself as it sees fit? — that had often caused candidates, especially those with designs on winning a primary in New York, to produce paeans to the strength of the Israeli-American relationship and a stream of pro-Israel orthodoxy.

But Senator Bernie Sanders dug in.

“There comes a time when if we pursue justice and peace, we are going to have to say that Netanyahu is not right all of the time,” Mr. Sanders said, referring to the Israeli prime minister, amid cheers from the crowd at Thursday’s Democratic debate in Brooklyn. He added: “All that I am saying is we cannot continue to be one-sided. There are two sides to the issue.”

Jewish Democrats, like the rest of the party, have been struggling for years over the appropriate level of criticism when it comes to Israel’s policies in the occupied West Bank and Gaza. But that debate burst onto a big national stage this week thanks to Mr. Sanders, the most successful Jewish presidential candidate in history.

Mr. Sanders’s comments, in the de facto capital of Jewish American politics, buoyed the liberal and increasingly vocal Democrats who believe that a frank discussion within the party has been muzzled by an older, more conservative Jewish leadership that is suspicious of criticism of Israel.

Jeremy Ben-Ami, the president of J Street, a progressive pro-Israel lobbying group whose more critical view of the Israeli government has gained influence on Capitol Hill, said Mr. Sanders’s comments were “very different from the stale talking points that have dominated those types of discussions before” and contributed to a “meaningful redefinition of what it means to be pro-Israel.”

But the comments, as measured as they were striking, worried more traditionally pro-Israel Jewish Democrats and Jewish organizations trying desperately to maintain bipartisan support for the Israeli government but watching it slowly being chipped away.

“I thought that Bernie Sanders’s comments were disgraceful and reprehensible, and I thought he was just over the top,” said Eliot Engel, a Jewish congressman from the Bronx who supports Hillary Clinton. He said that Mr. Sanders’s comments were irresponsible, giving radical left-wing elements in the party more license to attack Israel.

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“Maybe he feels like he has to bend over backwards because he’s Jewish?” Mr. Engel said, adding, “It bothers me a great deal.”

Even before the debate, unease over Israeli policies within the Democratic Party was rising.

At the 2012 Democratic National Convention, delegates lustily booed officials who reinstated in the party platform a recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, at odds with the United States’ official position that the city’s status must be negotiated between Israelis and Palestinians.

Protesting Israel’s policies and advocating boycotts to pressure its government are practically electives for liberal college students furious about the growth of Israeli settlements in the West Bank. In Washington, relations between President Obama and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are acrid, and last year more than 50 members of the Democratic caucus boycotted Mr. Netanyahu’s speech to Congress in which he criticized Mr. Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran.

Mr. Sanders’s response on Thursday was to a question about his past statement that Israel had used disproportionate force in responding to Hamas’s rocket attacks from Gaza into Israeli towns. One of the moderators, Wolf Blitzer of CNN, asked whether Israel had a right to defend itself.

Mr. Sanders said Israel had “every right in the world to destroy terrorism.”

“But,” he said, “we had in the Gaza area — not a very large area — some 10,000 civilians who were wounded and some 1,500 who were killed.”

The applause and cheers that accompanied Mr. Sanders’s answers — someone yelled “Free Palestine!” — might have been the most vocal signs yet of shifts in the Democratic Party.

A Pew Research Center poll in 2014 about violence in Gaza found that Americans under 30 were more likely to blame Israel than to blame Hamas, though half blamed both or did not have an opinion. African-Americans and Hispanics also blamed Israel more often than Hamas.

Those surveyed who were over 30 found Hamas more responsible, and the older the respondents were, the less they blamed Israel.

“The roar in the crowd was telling,” said Peter Beinart, a leading voice in the liberal Zionist movement.

“A Democratic Party dominated by progressive millennials, African-Americans and Latinos will gradually defect more and more from the Aipac-Bibi line,” he added, referring to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee and to Mr. Netanyahu by his nickname.

“Those aren’t their values,” Mr. Beinart continued. “What Bernie said last night, and the crowd’s response, were a sign of things to come.”

Younger Jews’ waning support for Israel in its dealings with Palestinians may not be so surprising. Unlike their parents and grandparents, who grew up when Jews were still reeling from the Holocaust, they know Israel primarily as a powerful nation rather than an existential necessity.

Andy Bachman, a prominent Brooklyn progressive rabbi, said the energetic applause at Mr. Sanders’s criticism of Israel “spoke to this growing rift in the Democratic Party — it was proof of a major crisis in the Jewish community that no major Jewish organization has resolved or figured out to handle.”

Mr. Sanders, who is not observant, has spoken at times about family members killed in the Holocaust, and he spent time in an Israeli kibbutz after college. But he has had some stumbles related to his views on Israel. His hiring of a young activist leader, Simone Zimmerman, as his Jewish outreach director turned out to be a rare blunder for his campaign when Facebook posts turned up in which she referred to Mr. Netanyahu with a vulgarity. She was suspended a few hours before the debate.

Supporters of Mrs. Clinton raised concerns about the substance of Mr. Sanders’s statements, arguing that he showed his haphazardness on the issue in a recent Daily News interview in which he greatly exaggerated the number of civilians killed in Gaza, saying more than 10,000 had died. Clinton supporters also said he had supplied no specifics when he called for an “evenhanded” approach.

In Mrs. Clinton’s response to the same question Thursday night, she stopped short of endorsing Israel’s response but echoed its argument that Hamas fighters were often mixed in with civilians. She noted her experience dealing with both sides as secretary of state and said — to applause — “I believe that as president I will be able to continue to make progress and get an agreement that will be fair both to the Israelis and the Palestinians without ever, ever undermining Israel’s security.”

Mr. Engel, the congressman, said he took solace in the fact that Mrs. Clinton still had a large delegate lead.

“I don’t have a fear because he’s not going to be the nominee,” Mr. Engel said of Mr. Sanders. “Hillary is going to be the nominee, and she’s just fine.”

Still, Jewish activists who are highly critical of Israel said they would be thankful for his contribution even if he did not win.

Minutes after the debate, Rebecca Vilkomerson, the executive director of Jewish Voice for Peace, a growing grass-roots organization that advocates pressuring Israel with the threat of boycotts, released a statement calling Mr. Sanders’s remarks “heartening” and added, “Today showed that the movement for Palestinian rights is shifting the discourse at the highest political levels.”

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